Seller Commission per Region

Seller Commission are deducted from each payout.

  • North America: 9.99%
  • Europe: 8.99%
  • Other: 9.99%

For example: If a seller from USA creates an Ask for $100.00, they will receive $90.01 for their sale.

In general we do not offer cross-region transactions as of today. If you are a professional seller from North America who wants to ship to Europe, contact us.

Buyer Processing Fees per Country

A buyer pays for processing fees including authentication, fulfilment, covering chargebacks, payment processing fees, credit card charges, ACH, and more. A processing fee is paid by the buyer for every purchase. 

  • Germany: 2.49% 
  • Spain: 2.49% 
  • USA: 2.99% 
  • Canada: 2.99%
  • Austria: 2.99% 
  • Denmark: 3.99% 
  • Norway: 3.99% 
  • Great Britain: 3.99% 
  • Swiss: 4.49% 
  • Other: 2.99%

For example:  If a buyer from USA purchases an item for $100.00, they will pay $102.99. 

Shipping Fees

As of 1. November 2019, we offer international free shipping.

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