Mage Market is a live marketplace for selling and buying Magic cards and accessories. 

Bidding / Asking

As a buyer you place Bids on cards if you know what you are willing to pay, e.g. "I bid $10 for a Flooded Strand". You'll now wait until a seller accepts your Bid or increase your Bid to make it more interesting. At any given time you can click buy now to buy at the lowest Ask price.

Having Bids is a great way for sellers to sell their stock on their time requirements. You're not required to wait for weeks to flip cards as you can sell now to the highest Bid.

When a Bid and Ask meet, the transaction is processed automagically, generating a true market price.

Pricing Data

With our historical data, buyers as well as sellers have transparency on prices of cards in past and present. This is why our platform is the smartest way ever for users to shop for Magic.

From Commander to Standard, from Limited Edition to the newest expansion or supplemental product. Mage Market makes Magic accessible.

Authentic guaranteed

On Mage, cards are either sold by professional shops with high quality standards or sold by private individuals. On other marketplaces, a card shipped by a private individual with no track record and reviews is always risky. On Mage, the private individual first ships all orders to our Mage Warehouse, we authenticate the order, regarding correct condition, language, set and authenticity. If everything works out fine, we'll proceed to send all orders to the buyer.

Now you know what Mage Market is.

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