At Mage we've been working closely with the Magic Community for several years. As early as 2016 we've started endorsing bronze, silver and gold players. Since then, the team has won many tournaments, traveled to hundreds of locations and represented Mage in the best way they could online and offline.

We're happy to announce that we're opening up our #sponsored-network to everyone who is interested in representing our brand. 

There are three tier levels to apply for, tailor-made for your audience.

Level 1: Evangelist

An evangelist is someone who is very close to our heart at Mage. You're an active user on our app, a part of the discord community and overall a great person to engage with. While your audience on social media might not be the biggest, yet -- you're happy to spread the word, RT and comment on crazy stuff that we do. Whether you actively want to grow your community or if you've thought about starting to stream: we're happy to assist you with retweets, merchandise and store credits.

As an evangelist, you're in the perfect position to become sponsored in the future, since we've seen your enthusiasm across different channels!

Level 2: #sponsored player

Companies look for the amount of eyeballs when evaluating sponsorships. If you think your audience is big enough and excited to hear about Mage and you want to actively endorse us on a monthly contract, becoming a #sponsored player might be right for you. We use for international payments and compliance for contractors to ensure you have the legal basis to receive paid compensation on a monthly contract basis. Read more and apply here.

Note: Most countries require you to use the hashtag #sponsored when endorsing a company.

Level 3: Business partner

This is the highest level of sponsoring to work with Mage. Becoming a partner means uncapped revenue share on affiliate links, API integrations and business collaborations. These contracts are very individual depending on your business and the underlying opportunity. Please reach out to us at via  

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