You're reading this, because you're interested in authentication of cards and when it launches in your country.

Don't worry

We are working hard to launch your country as soon as possible! ⚡️

Why the wait

With Mage v.2.0, the "Stock Market for Magic: The Gathering" we're introducing Verification, Storage and Fulfillment. To make this work, we're required to have physical presence in the respective countries. While we've already finished our warehouse in Germany to authenticate, store and fulfill orders within Europe, we're still looking for geographical opportunities in other countries. 

Who's next?

While our warehouse plans might change, the current roadmap in chronological order is:

  • ✅ Germany – 2019
  • West coast (Pacific Region or Pacific Northwest) –  Q1, 2020
  • East coast (Philadelphia) – Q4, 2020
  • East Europe – Q2, 2021
  • Latam – Q4, 2021
  • Asia-Pacific – Q2, 2021

If you are a professional shop from in one of these regions, please contact us by clicking the blue chat icon on the bottom right.

Until then,
happy buying!

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