*Currently only available in Europe*

This is NEW: If you don't want your order to be shipped to your address just choose: "Send to Storage" when purchasing. Your order will then be send to our warehouse and stored in escrow.


  • This makes sense when you need more room for cards, when you are moving between places or you want to batch your orders to only receive the full 60 card deck in one package.
  • if you want to resell your stored item, just list it on the market. We take care of shipping.
  • if you want to receive your stored cards, click on "Withdraw Items". Your stored cards will be withdrawn from our warehouses and shipped within 14 days!
  • We may use your card for Instant Fulfillment (see more below)


We start with a warehouse in Germany, Europe. A warehouse on the west coast and east coast in the United States is planned. Read more here. 


Your collection is insured and safely stored in our warehouse


As a kickoff gift we allow all users who signed up before 1. June 2020 to store their cards for free until 1. November 2020.


Similar to duration we will waive all storage fees for customers who signed up before 1. June 2020. 


To withdraw cards from the warehouse, navigate to the collection page and click the "Storage" tab. Select your one or multiple cards and click on "withdraw" to start the process. We will add your request to a queue and send all selected cards to your primary shipping address within 14 days.

Instant Fulfillment

To improve our fulfillment business we may use your stored item to speed up the delivery of other transactions. This means, if you make a purchase and send it to Mage Storage you are buying a copy of the card that is being send to our warehouse and the legal right to own a Snapcaster Mage, Innistrad, Near Mint, English. 

In the event that another person purchases the same card (Snapcaster Mage, Innistrad, Near Mint, English) we might send your initial copy, instead of waiting for the new copy to arrive in our fulfillment center. 

The seller will then send his identical copy (Snapcaster Mage, Innistrad, Near Mint, English) to our warehouse, essentially replacing the initial card.

This mechanic enables us to increase speed of authentication and shipping time by several days.  

You can opt-out of this service at any time. We will not use asynchronous fulfillment for rare items that are highly individual (e.g. high end, such as BGS-rated cards, alterations, signed by artists, etc.)

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